An important stakeholder paused on the slide with the visual you created and said, “I like this visual a lot ... I understand what you’re saying now.”


I’ll take all kinds of feedback (it’s my favorite part of collaboration), but I always hope to hear that my visuals helped a client explain what they do. 

As a designer, I strive to make the complex more approachable by clarifying the presentation of information and identity.

My design solutions benefit from both my visual and anthropological training, but also from my insistence on leveraging lived experience.

I am especially dedicated to collaborations that center patient advocacy or create social change.

Connect with me about freelance projects and rates at sarahfastern [at] gmail [dot com]

B.A. in Anthropology at Bard College (2013)
M.A. in Graphic Design at Maryland Institute College of Art (2020)
Certificate in Health Communication Design at Thomas Jefferson University (2023)