Sarah is a visual designer who is humanizing healthcare by making complex topics feel approachable. 

Have a look at her design process, outcomes, and offerings. 

In partnership with The Pew Charitable Trusts, a group of opioid use disorder (OUD) experts from Jefferson University came together with our design team to create this patient journey map.

Creating a wellness brand

The client wanted a brand that was true to her roots and would help her stand out in the sea of pastels of the online wellness industry. She needed a toolkit that she could continue to use and expand on in her own time.

Telling chronic illness stories

Using interviews and secondary research, I prototyped an app geared towards people who identify as women and as chronically ill. The process was more than a thesis project—it informed a worldview that I documented in a short book.

Visually explaining palliative care

As part of a research grant funded by the Stratton Foundation and conducted by clinicians at the Jefferson School of Nursing, I designed this explanatory poster meant to reach patients who might benefit from palliative care programs.

Mockup: DCStudio on Freepik