︎ Be original with your typeface

There’s a place for both expressive and legible type. I respect fans of Ogg (a calligraphic serif typeface designed by Lucas Sharp) as much as I respect fans of Comic Sans (a font that is highly accessible for dyslexia and visual impairment). In my personal type design practice, I tend towards the expressive, often looking to print for inspiration.

1. Bokeret Display

A self-directed Hebrew/English typeface meant to play on the idea of reverse contrast. 

2. Otrabanda Medium

A bespoke font inspired by the typefaces used by my parents’ traveling theater company called Otrabanda. The group toured the Mississippi river for ten summers by raft from St. Louis to New Orelans.

Role: Creative direction and type design
Advisor: Troy Leister
Featured in: AIGA Philadelphia’s Locally Sourced
Read more: The New York Times, 1986


Platform: Cargo.site ︎ 
Fonts: Piazzolla Black, Monument Grotesk Semi-Mono Regular