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Sarah Stern

︎ Your brand moment on the web

A website is a major touchpoint for any company’s identity. Sarah can communicate with developers about page layouts, think in terms of atomic and responsive web design, or manipulate web templates. 

1. LeaseUp Website 

Sarah streamlined elements of LeaseUp’s existing brand to attract property owners who might be hesitant to rent to formerly homeless applicants. As a result, more than 60 property owners brought 950 units to market in a three month span. That was nearly double the client’s original goal.

Client: People Assisting the Homeless (PATH)
For: Swell Creative
Role: UI/UX
Creative Direction: Gregory Hubacek
Illustrations: Down the Street Design

2. Hey Nod Marketing Site

The Nod product needed a refresh of its illustration and component library to apply to a marketing site. Sarah partnered with a developer and the VP of Product to update the existing design system.

For: Hopelab and Grit Digital Health
Role: UI/UX
Creative Direction: Andrew Baker
Illustrations: Dayna Safferstein

3. Valon at Home Blog

Valon at Home needed a more casual brand expression than their main website. Sarah altered a Webflow template and text stylings to fit Valon’s existing brand. She expanded their brand assets by creating a unique and easily replicable illustration style as well as a suite of graphic templates.

For: Valon Mortgage
Role: UI/UX
Creative Direction: Ting-ai Kuei


Platform: Cargo.site ︎ 
Fonts: Piazzolla Black, Monument Grotesk Semi-Mono Regular