︎ A visual shortcut for your explanation

Information design can make or break a viewer’s understanding of what you do, how your product works, or what your research shows. I can identify the right diagram or chart and style it uniquely to your brand.

1. Quantified Self

This bespoke square graph was completed for the January 2023 challenge of Cole Nussbaumer Knaffic’s online community “storytelling with data.” This viz was featured with special mention on the project’s podcast.

2. Diagrams for DexCare

It was important to show how the client’s recent rebranding might be applied in their infographics for their new website, but it was even more important to make their complex offerings understandable. I used bright color coding and bold shapes to draw differentiations between categories.

Client: Dexcare
For: Uncommon Bold
Role: Information and graphic design
Creative Direction: Joanne Lam

3. Data Portrait

In Moon Mood, a project where I tracked my moods and the phases of the moon over a 72 day period, I offered multiple ways to read the data story shown through color and transparency around a single wheel.

For: Communicating Health Data
Role: Information and graphic design
Advisor: Renée Walker
Featured in: AIGA Philadelphia’s Locally Sourced
Award: Long-listed for 2022 Information Is Beautiful


Platform: Cargo.site ︎ 
Fonts: Piazzolla Black, Monument Grotesk Semi-Mono Regular